Pets on the Run offers a wide variety of services for cats and dogs. You have a choice of our following services:


Group or individual dog walking and fitness. Group parks walks to our favourite dog parks in the area – a must for the active dog, swimming in summer or on leash street walks. You choose! Regular & casual doggies are invited to join in the fun.

  • Beach runs (Warmer seasons) Mondays
    • Trip to Bayview Beach for 40 minutes of swimming and play
    • Wash, flea treatment & dry
  • Big day out (Colder Seasons) Mondays
    • 35 Minute Bush walk
    • 35 minute park play
    • Wash, flea treatment & dry
  • Dog runs/walks
    • 35-40 minute group walk / off leash play (Can be out up to 1.5 hrs and sometimes may go on 2 runs)
    • Includes 35- 40 minutes of high intensity play time. Our staff ensure that all our dogs get a good workout for the day.


Do you have a new puppy that can not yet visit the park still? A furry friend that needs lunch while you’re at work or needs care while you’re gone? We have a tailor made package to suit yours animals and their health requirements.


We strongly believe that caring for your fuzzy friends in their home is more relaxing and comfortable than alternative boarding kennels. Visit times are suited to meet pet requirements, more than once a day is available. Feeding, playing, discarding animal waste, mail collection, garden watering and home security are part of the service.


When ever Emma and myself planned a trip away we always asked each other “who is going to look after our 2 dogs and 2 cats whilst we are away?

We came up with two solutions that avoids using Kennels and gives you peace of mind that your animals are well cared for.

1) For short stays or when you have a part time house sitter, we can arrange @ home visits.

These include:

    – Walking of dogs or playtime for cats

    – Feeding & cleaning of droppings and litter trays

    – Collecting Mail

    – Bring / take out bins

    – Water plants

    – If you have other requests we may be able to help out with those too.

Prices start @ $29.50 GST  Inclusive / visit and will vary depending on number of animals.

2) For longer stays (dogs only) we offer a “home placement” option.

This includes:

    – We have several families with dogs who are well known and very experienced with animals

    – You can meet the family your fur babies will be staying with and discuss your walking/feeding routine

    – Photos will be sent to you to give you peace of mind whilst enjoying your holidays or travelling for work

    – Includes pick up and drop back service

    – 50% deposit required on pick up and remainder paid when dropped back home

Prices start @ $45 / day and will vary depending on number of dogs.


Ever needed to get your pet to the Vet or Kennel but you couldn’t fit in with the time or had to take time off work? Got a friend looking after your pet at their house but you don’t have time to take them?

Then our Pet Taxi service is for you

  • We can pick up and drop off for you saving you time to get on with preparing for your trip.
  • $29.50 pick up fee and $2 for every km over 5 km’s distance to destination.


If your house is unavailable due to pet-unfriendly relatives, or possibly selling your house. We can arrange pet sitting. This of course includes “poo-patrol” and hiding away all dog related articles e.g. dog beds, bowls etc.